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The Make a Heart service is being developed by the Australian Regional Network for Prospect Residents, you can also try our other Dating Services on this link for 18-25's and Seniors Dating 50+
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Remember the days of the CB Radio? Not many do.. Old Style Chat Rooms accross your Town, State and Nationally.. A Free Service for Prospect and a Place to Meet

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Interesting facts about Prospect

Title: Discovering the Hidden Charms of Prospect - South Australia

Prospect is a quaint and charming suburb that is situated just a few kilometers away from Adelaide’s bustling city center. Known for its beautiful tree-lined streets, friendly community, and colorful history, this small neighborhood is rich in culture, heritage, and natural beauty that are all worth exploring. Here are some interesting facts about the region of Prospect that any curious traveler should know.

1. Prospect was the first suburb to be established outside of Adelaide in 1838. It was originally known as "The Black Forest" before being renamed in 1840.

2. The suburb is named after "Prospect Hill", a local landmark that offers stunning panoramic views of the Adelaide plains, the Gulf St. Vincent, and the surrounding hills.

3. Prospect is home to some of the oldest surviving homes in South Australia, including the historic “Prospect Hill Cottage” built in 1839, and the Georgian-style “Rosemont Cottage & Garden” built in 1840.

4. The area is known for its impressive street art, like the colorful and playful murals that adorn the walls of the “Prospect Gallery” and the “Prospect Road Underpass”.

5. Prospect is famous for its thriving food scene that boasts of a variety of cuisines, including Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Middle Eastern. The “Prospect Road Shopping Precinct” is the go-to destination for foodies seeking out a unique and authentic culinary experience.

6. The “Prospect Road Village Heart” is a vibrant and lively outdoor space that hosts various community events, farmers markets, and live music performances throughout the year.

7. The suburb is also home to some of South Australia’s most beautiful parks and gardens, including the “St. Helen’s Park”, the “Prospect Estate Park”, and the “Prospect Memorial Gardens”.

8. Prospect has a strong and active community that values sustainability, conservation, and social responsibility. The "Prospect Road Traders Association" and the "Prospect Community Garden" are just some of the many community-led initiatives that promote a more environmentally friendly and inclusive way of living.

9. The suburb has excellent transport links, including easy access to major roads, public transport, and cycling paths, making it a convenient and accessible destination for travelers and locals alike.

10. Finally, Prospect is a welcoming and inclusive community that celebrates diversity, cultural heritage, and creativity. Whether you are a history buff, a food lover, an art enthusiast, or simply a nature lover, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this charming neighborhood.

Prospect is a hidden gem that offers a unique and authentic experience that is different from the usual tourist destinations. It is a place where one can truly appreciate the beauty of South Australia’s past, present, and future, all at the same time.

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